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Heather Bailey Flutterby Pincushions Sewing Pattern, FREE SHIPPING

Fly away home to sew, sew, sew. With adorable Flutterby pincushions to keep you company, you’ll stitch up a swarm of beautiful things – four designs included. Make a simple butterfly or bee, or whip up a friendly little ladybug. Layered wings on all pincushions double as needle storage.

**Includes pattern & instructions for a bee, and a ladybug, and two butterfly pincushions.**

Every pattern includes comprehensive, professionally-illustrated instructions, along with additional construction tips, a pattern-specific glossary and a metric conversion chart for international customers.


NOTE: Butterfly’s upper wings can be made from fabric or from felt, however butterfly’s lower wings should be made from felt, for storing needles. For bee, both upper & lower wings must be made from the same material – fabric or felt.

• Fusible web such as Heat N Bond™ (not needed for bee)
• Wool or wool-blend felt scraps for eyes
• Two 4-6mm beads for eyes
• Embroidery thread for mouth (optional)
• Polyester stuffing
• Thread

BUTTERFLY (6.5”w x 8”h finished size)
• 6”w x 7”h fabric* for Body
• 1/4 yd fabric* for upper wings
OR 10”w x 7”h wool or wool-blend felt
• 10”w x 7”h wool or wool-blend felt for lower wings
• Wool or wool-blend felt scraps for Wing Details (optional)
• Embroidery thread for Wing Details (optional)
• 1 piece of standard, white paper & a pencil

BEE (6”w x 6”h finished size)
• 7”w x 7”h fabric* for Head & Abdomen
• 6”w x 3”h contrast fabric* for Thorax
• 1/4 yd fabric* for wings
OR 7”w x 7”h wool or wool-blend felt
• 1/2 yd ribbon, 1/4”-3/8” wide, for stripes
• Wool or wool-blend felt scrap for Stinger
• Embroidery thread for wing details (optional)
• 1 piece of standard, white paper & a pencil

LADYBUG (5”l x 4”w x 2”h finished size)
• 10”w x 6”h fabric* for Wings
• 6”w x 5”h fabric* for Thorax
• 6”w x 3”h fabric* for Wing Dots & Head
• 10”w x 5”h fabric* for Back
(area under wings)
• 3”w x 4”h fabric* for Belly
• 10”w x 10”h light-weight,
fusible interfacing
• 3/4 yd satin cording or narrow
fabric tubing for legs
& antennae

Pins, scissors, iron, needles, water-soluble pen, seam ripper, stuffing tool (Stuffing Fork™, chopstick, or tip of scissors – be careful!)

* Suitable fabrics include quilting-weight cotton and other light- to medium-weight woven fabrics. Do not use stretchy fabrics such as wovens with lycra content, or knits.

--Metric Conversion Chart included with each pattern--

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