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Elnita ES4 Overlock Serger Sewing Machine, FREE SHIPPING // Finished Edges // Overlock Sewing // Professional Finish // 3 Thread // 4 Thread

Discover the world of overlockers in a simplified way and with operation made easier than you ever thought. With the elnita es4 you will find your best ally! This overlock model allows you to neatly cut, hem and sew in on one machine and in no time.

2/3/4 Thread
1,300 stitches per minute
Length of feed 1.0~5.0
Cutting width using left needle 5.3~7.3
Cutting width not using left needle 3.1~5.1
Chaining width using left needle 5.5~7.5
Chaining width not using left needle 3.3~5.3
LED lamp
Adjustable thread tension

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