Have you fallen in love with mixed metals? I have. And that’s why I’ve been dying to try this glass to antique mirror technique out. I think this table was a perfect DIY project as the edge allowed for a way to contain and protect the finish and still make it completely usable.  Here is the image from the listing I found on craigslist.

So I sent huz a link to the listing and an hour later it was in my garage. Isn’t he great?! #ithinkso

What you need: looking glass spray paint, equal parts of vinegar and water in a spray bottle, masking tape, toilet paper or newspaper, paint, felt and adhesive.

Here are the steps I used to achieve this look:

Wash glass.  Protect frame from overspray by taping off the edge. Vigorously shake that looking glass spray for two minutes. I always shake with my left hand. It’s not my dominate hand and needs the exercise!  Next, spray the vinegar + water mixture on the glass as desired. I did quite a bit of this as I wanted it more distorted. Evenly spray on the looking glass finish over the vinegar + water mist. This dries fast so you will need to work quickly. Dab lightly with a rag to create the antiqued consistency. Let this dry for at least an hour. I let it dry overnight.

Paint the looking glass layer with your paint color of choice, I chose white to tie in the white wood base, which I freshened up while I was waiting for these layers to dry. This layer can be spray painted or brushed on.  I brushed mine.  Again I let this layer dry over night.

Last but not least, cut a piece of felt to fit inside the frame and use adhesive to attach the felt.  I used a glue gun and that worked well.  This will keep your finish protected and from being scratched off and keep the final faux antique mirror look intact.

I love the white that shows thru on the top.  It reflects light, has rich texture, but doesn’t show a lot of fingerprint marks because the mirrored layer is on the back. I think it turned out lovely and can’t wait to try some other techniques with this look.

Ok craigslist + pinterest, what should we tackle next?!