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Falling for Lover's Key Beach

Falling for Lover's Key Beach

Lover's Key Beach is a fabulous destination for a day trip.  Once you arrive and park, there is a tram that will transport you from the parking lot to the beach.  Check the hours of operation, so you don't have to lug all your beach gear back to the parking lot on foot or you will sweat.  I promise.  If you ride in the tram you can enjoy this view sitting down.

Once you get to the beach, enjoy two miles of white sand, saltwater + sun. 

Must haves are: a beach umbrella or tent, a cooler, beach towels, chairs, a beach blanket, snacks + toys.  Don't forget a portable speaker. We need to get better at remembering this cause your favorite tunes on the beach just make it.

After you have spent time soaking up saltwater and a few rays, check out the picnic fare at the food truck located on the beach.  There are picnic tables, shade umbrellas + ice cream treats, among other food options.  But let's just say that ice cream on the beach is the best.  Right?!

After your ice cream, you are ready to go shelling! This is a fun experience for all ages and there is a large variety of shells to find in SW Florida so you should visit multiple beaches.


Have a great time at Lover's Key Beach + State Park!  

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